Another new day.

January 15, 2011

Today is an ok day I have a headache and i am way past tired. I didnt nap before work last night and man i should never do that again. I worked from 12 am to 4 am slept from about 430am to 11am. I then went to my school library to rent a photography book that i needed for my project that is due at the end of the month.

Annoyance is i was suppose to get paid yesterday didn’t and then they said they would put it on my next check, but my co worker who started the same night got paid wth? So now i  have to wait the 28th for some sort of money when i need gas money now.  I guess i will be borrowing money from people and paying them back. Good news is the next check will be about 300 dollars with tax taken out.  =)  I do think i need to find a new job though one where i am not super tired all the time because i can barely sleep.

Good part of this morning is that i had so much fun with my co workers. One of them Phairen kept saying things that could be taken so completely wrong. lol This one is the one i remember the most since i am so tired. We were whipping down the windows in the front of the galaxy theater and we have to wipe the handle bars down and she said something how i am protecting some one children or something to that extent. I start laughing then she says who knows i can be protecting someones family jewels.  I was about dying at that point.

Maya stayed the night at her grammys  last night. So i at least was able to sleep instead  of having to get up at 7 am with her.  Anyway when she came home me , my mom, and papa set up her baby nursery and trike she love both of them.  Oh and if you notice her name is Maya it is said like the Mayan civilization. IF you dont know who they are google them, because in my mind if you dont  know them then you need to pay more attention in  history class. Oh and the pronunciation is  My-UH NOT May uh. Anyone who calls her May- uh instantly annoys me. I mean come on who doesnt know one of the greatest civilizations to ever disappear are. Here is a link about them if you don’t know them.

Now for a poll and off i go to try to get mizy moo to take a nap.

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