Its been awhile

January 17, 2011

Today is snowy as heck, and I hate it. I really don’t have much to say right now, but I thought it was needed so I can say semi consistent with this.

I will edit this later today with some more awesome stuff when i think of it.

Here i am again to finish it.

Well my story is that my body hates me. I have a headache that wont go away. I also keep feeling kicks like i did while i was pregnant with my first the exact same as when she was 14 weeks and it very creepy. She will be 2 next month so i dont think it could be phantom kicks, but i am pretty sure im not pregnant since i bleed last cycle so we shall see if it goes away or not. Its been going on for 3 days so far.

Anyway thats all for this monday other then my daughter just told me that she said no more diapers. LOL

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