Photography class

January 19, 2011

In photography class i learned a lot more and i about cried at this video. Watch then form an opinion. Warning it is very shocking.

I don’t want to say to much about this video so you can form your own opinion.  I for one think everyone needs to see this video so pass it on.

I don’t care if you agree with the message or not. I agree something needs to be done to help them help themselves if that makes sense.

What else i learned is if i don’t eat before class i will feel sick so i may want to eat next time. I almost puked going out to my car because it was so cold and i was so hungry.

The first picture taken of a person.

i forgot what this type of photo is called. I do know it took hanging it over boiling mercury to make it turn out this well.

Its bed time. Thanks for looking.

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