No clue

January 22, 2011

I took some bath pictures of Maya today and hope they come out great. I got my check today from school so on Monday i can make a bank account. I can now do a few things i have been needing to for awhile.

I honestly don’t know where my life is going what it will be like in a year. The only thing that is semi certain i will be raising my little girl.

I want to say a lot of stuff that has bothering me, but yet i know if i do on here people can see it. There are certain people who shouldn’t see what is going on if you get what i mean. One thing i will say is anytime i bring up how i feel it seems to get pushed to the side and labeled as not important or something. I feel it a lot and its a lonely feeling.

I went to the doctor on Friday got my yearly exam done. I am healthy and got some birth control pills to try and see how my body reacts to them. I hope it makes my headaches go away.

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