The name is unknown

February 6, 2011

I honestly had no clue to put as the title so thats what i came up with. Lately i have only been sleeping for 2 hours at a time. I cant handle it.

I am on my second week of bc pills so far so good. I hope i dont have many any bad reactions.

Last week i had 2 day off of school. I have to study for my Astronomy test that was suppose to be for last week, but since it was canceled that day i have it in 2 days ugh. I have a speech tomorrow about an object that is important to me.  Its only 3 minutes but i have no clue what the object will be.

I have decided people who go to movies theaters and dont clean up after themselves. I honestly cant stand those people they are lazy craps  who need to learn how to clean and throw away their shit on the way out.  I also almost passed out at work a couple times last night.  I dont know why but i have been feeling like it a lot lately.

I also have thought about how there are some people in your family are always waiting for you to fail not to succeed.  Or how some people put some people they only knew for a little while above their family. Both situations i have been through and one was this last week with my friends sister who seems to think her cracked out friends are better to be around and to help out then her own sister. Then she got into an accident  which wasn’t  her fault persay but she didnt have to be where she was at so i think it was her fault.

Im too tired to finish right now  but thanks for reading. I may update this sometime depending on how i feel in the next couple hours.

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