10 days

February 17, 2011

In ten days i will have a 2 year old. I honestly dont know how to react to that. I remember being induced with her then going through the long process to the c-section. Now somehow two years have passed and my baby is not really a baby anymore.

I have been writing lyrics on a good note, but i cant seem to get one right no matter how hard i try i want to say so many things in one song its very hard to do that. I keep forgetting to ask for my grandpas guitar so i can try to get back in practice.

I have another interview for a job today and i am hoping i get it and it pays more. Plus the hours should be way better so lets hope they are and i can have a not so physically demanding job that i could do while i am sick. LOL I am finally getting better from being sick for a week straight the only thing i really have to worry about is the cough, but that better then feeling like you got ran over and all this crap.

I have two photography assignments to get done before spring break. They arent too difficult but there are so many things you can do. Yesterday we learned how to develop film but we didnt have to do it ourselfs so i didnt  because i was freaked out that i would screw it up some how.

Thanks for reading and this is all for now.

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