These usually change but at this point in time my numbers three and four are…… Lee joon from Mblaq and …….. Mir from Mblaq also. It was hard to pick number for it was between Mir and two other people whom will be my numbers five and six.  Joonie as I like to call him was like eli I saw him and something in him made me pick him then I saw his abs and then came the drooling. Yes I drooled I do it often when I see hot guys and my top ten has that affect on me. Mir was picked much in the same way as joonie, but unlike joonie whom would be my oppa mir is younger then I am. So far 2 of my favorites are older then me and 2 are younger. Its weird to write out my favorites and to put them number wise.  One thing Joonie and Mir have in common is that they cute yet sexy. A deadly combination.




My top two always stay the same. The only reason I am going to do two is because my phone won’t allow more then 2 pictures to be uploaded.  Number one is always Heechul from Super Junior. My best friend says its because he’s a lot like myself.  My number two is always Eli from U-Kiss. They both are different but something attracted me to them. When I pick my favorites its usually right from the pictures but in heechuls case it was when I saw him perform. Eli i saw him and became my favorite and even more so as I watched him perform. I am younger then Heechul yet older then Eli. My theme seems to pick out there people and usually they rap.

Korean Pop

November 25, 2011

Today is dedicated to all my K-Pop favorite videos. So have fun watching.
The top of  the list has to be this video.

My favorite song ever. I am getting pretty good at singing this song.

I just love this video. Funny thing in high school i sang this song so i know every word of it. I sing along.

I love this song a bunch from shinee. Fun fact i found out i am older then all of them,  but not much older then Onew only like 2 months or something like that.

All i have to say is Yummy.

I love how they took us into the studio.

U-Kiss always makes me want to dance. Well a lot of a K-pop bands do, but hey im a sucker for K-pop its my heaven.

This song i can never listen to in the car unless i want to crash.  Even sitting down right now is torture trying not to dance. This is why i love 2pm!

I have concluded after this that i am probably an Elf and a Kiss me. Eh its fine they are great bands. My favorites from Super Junior is Monkey(Eunhyuk), Teukie(LeeTeuk), and Of course Heechul. I may add another because of his weirdness and apparently i like weirdness, but until i decide fully i will stick with these three. For U-Kiss my top favorite is Eli. I don’t know why just is. Close second is Kevin because of his beautiful voice. Of course the whole band is very good looking even when Alexander and Ki Bum was there still a great good looking band.  I have ran out of time until next time enjoy and keep reading!

Two days.

November 23, 2011



I know it has been two days, but yesterday was my watch a drool over Korean pop day. Don’t judge until you have seen those boy bands abs or girl band figures if that’s what your into. I mostly watch super junior. Ya very very sexy. Today I was out all day first at the playstation with my step mom her sister and all our kids. Then my sister was trying to fix my computer which I should check out soon to see if it worked. Now I’m waiting for her to get done donating plasma. Fun times. A picture I found of super junior.  Also a picture of myself my phone camera is awesome. Have a great thanksgiving tomorrow. Ill try to have one too.

Yesung SuJu

November 21, 2011

Another 4D personality is Yesung from super junior. He may seem all calm and laid back on stage, but if you look deeper you will find that he is very very eccentric. His fellow band mates have called him creepy and that how they know he’s behind them because he was a creepy vibe.  When my friend said he was crazy I never believed that he could be as crazy as she described.  He was much more than I expected that’s for sure.


When i look at him i don’t see eccentric, but i guess that’s why people don’t suspect it unless they look into shows he’s on.

His dances are somewhat crazy,but what really makes him eccentric is when the others talk about his behaviors. I honestly wonder if that’s really him or is he just acting. One may never know.

I know that one is long but its worth watching.

No matter how he acts though we all love to hear his amazing voice.

There is a lot more i could put up, but that would probably take all day to upload everything so i will let you check it out yourself.

What do you think is he  for real or do you think it could be an act?  I have yet to decide, but finding out proves to be entertaining. Again thanks to those whom are reading my blog.

The Onew conidition

November 20, 2011

Today Is Onew’s turn to be in the spotlight for something he does very well being a 4D personality. He is eccentric to say the least. He apparently has to be kept under control by his band mates. This will be a lot of YouTube videos since there is really no way to describe Onew. I know they will stop him from talking because you never know what will come out of his mouth. He always smiles and seems to never hold back his 4D personality.

I watch him and all i do is laugh.

Then he does stuff like this and it creeps me out.

Then he talks.

I think i have proved my point, but i couldn’t find where the other shinee members will take the microphone from Onew sometimes anyway.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy reading and watching this. I may cover another 4d personality tomorrow.

Shinee’s Key and Taemin

November 19, 2011

I decided to write about the first boy band I saw in Korean Pop. I think because of that they will always have a special place in my heart. Today though is dedicated to Key and Taemin’s awesome Moves.  I don’t know how those boys move the way they do, but it is sure incredible to watch.

Key the one on the left is a perfectionist in all the ways someone could be. He rarely makes mistakes, and works very hard to be good at what he does. He can memorize dance steps only minutes after watching them. Here is some examples of the Almighty Key.

Taemin is also in the video you can see him at 22 seconds in.  Speaking of which Taemin’s talent May be from hard work, but he isn’t a perfectionist. He is just really good at what he does.

Then them together.

Those are only two members of Shinee, but as you can see they are Very talented. Tomorrow i will post more of Shinee. I haven’t decided whom yet either  Silly Crazy Onew, Sexy Minho, or Smooth voice Jonghyun.

Thanks to those whom are reading this. I enjoy writing and this is a great way to mingle both my loves for Music, Art, and writing.

Guitar God.

November 18, 2011

I have always wondered whom the white hair guy in this band always was.

Well recently I found out he could be what is considered a guitar god. That at least is my opinion after watching him play Mirotic on his electric guitar plus many other Youtube videos. I probably should add his name and which band he is from so those whom don’t know him can find his awesomeness. 

He is no other then Kim Jung Mo also known as X-Mas. He is from the band TRAX. Trax was the stage names of all the original members of that band.  When you watch both remaining members of trax perform you can see how great they really are. Heck they both have a stage presence i haven’t seen before.  Here are some videos of the guitar god himself enjoy.

The last but not least Trax’s new single Blind.

An update on me learning Korea.

Yesterday i wrote out eleven words and the whole alphabet. By this time next year i will know how to write and speak in Korean.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy TRAX i know i do.

Starting again.

November 16, 2011

I know i have been bad about getting on here, but i will change that and get an app on my phone so i can update whenever i want. I am  going to share my experiences about learning new languages. I will also vent my frustrations about college and how difficult it is. I will also share about anything about my daughter. I will also update my art works ect.

For now i will talk about some of the words i know in Korean well ok the one word i know for sure. That is Saranghae its the informal way of saying i love you. Another word i know but i don’t know the meaning is Kogima anyone know the meaning? Please let me know.

My favorite K pop bands right now are:
Suju(Super Junior)






Wonder girls as of a few weeks ago.







And the last two are

Woman Power

and Double A

both new groups.