The Onew conidition

November 20, 2011

Today Is Onew’s turn to be in the spotlight for something he does very well being a 4D personality. He is eccentric to say the least. He apparently has to be kept under control by his band mates. This will be a lot of YouTube videos since there is really no way to describe Onew. I know they will stop him from talking because you never know what will come out of his mouth. He always smiles and seems to never hold back his 4D personality.

I watch him and all i do is laugh.

Then he does stuff like this and it creeps me out.

Then he talks.

I think i have proved my point, but i couldn’t find where the other shinee members will take the microphone from Onew sometimes anyway.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy reading and watching this. I may cover another 4d personality tomorrow.

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