Yesung SuJu

November 21, 2011

Another 4D personality is Yesung from super junior. He may seem all calm and laid back on stage, but if you look deeper you will find that he is very very eccentric. His fellow band mates have called him creepy and that how they know he’s behind them because he was a creepy vibe.  When my friend said he was crazy I never believed that he could be as crazy as she described.  He was much more than I expected that’s for sure.


When i look at him i don’t see eccentric, but i guess that’s why people don’t suspect it unless they look into shows he’s on.

His dances are somewhat crazy,but what really makes him eccentric is when the others talk about his behaviors. I honestly wonder if that’s really him or is he just acting. One may never know.

I know that one is long but its worth watching.

No matter how he acts though we all love to hear his amazing voice.

There is a lot more i could put up, but that would probably take all day to upload everything so i will let you check it out yourself.

What do you think is he  for real or do you think it could be an act?  I have yet to decide, but finding out proves to be entertaining. Again thanks to those whom are reading my blog.

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