Numbers 3 and 4 of my top 10. K pop

November 30, 2011



These usually change but at this point in time my numbers three and four are…… Lee joon from Mblaq and …….. Mir from Mblaq also. It was hard to pick number for it was between Mir and two other people whom will be my numbers five and six.  Joonie as I like to call him was like eli I saw him and something in him made me pick him then I saw his abs and then came the drooling. Yes I drooled I do it often when I see hot guys and my top ten has that affect on me. Mir was picked much in the same way as joonie, but unlike joonie whom would be my oppa mir is younger then I am. So far 2 of my favorites are older then me and 2 are younger. Its weird to write out my favorites and to put them number wise.  One thing Joonie and Mir have in common is that they cute yet sexy. A deadly combination.

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