Number 2 on the top 5

December 31, 2011

This is band number two. I picked them as number two because they are amazing and it helps that four of my now top 12 is in this band. Everyone loves this band. Heck they have some of the craziest fans i have seen other then DBSK anyway.  I will not talk about how crazy they are because i really don’t feel like some of them reading this and getting offended anyway. I really don’t have much to say about this band other then they are great at what they do alone and together.

A few of my favorites.

I love this one.


Other then their music this is another reason i love them. enjoy these video very much.

The video above has the song closer by nine inch nails and can be too hot to handle. LMAO.

This one is about the same as above different people and more abs. lol

Can’t forgot my number one when talking about super junior. 🙂
Im probably just as vain as he.

Teukies smile. 🙂  A reason why he is on my top 10.


Thats it for now.  Now you know my ranking for them where most of my top ten is from.


Bad bad bad me. Lol

December 27, 2011

I know I haven’t been posting like I should and I am sorry I just got really busy then really tired. Ending most days with a headache or too worn out to do anything else. Enough complaing what got me through the days and made me feel better arethese pictures I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Although I can now name four out of six beast member yay me. Lol





Nice pictures right? Anyway I will post better hopefully Thursday. I hope I have time anyway if not then after the new year I will be on the ball again. 🙂

You thought I was done didn’t you? Well here is two more I have decided to add for varies reason. One being they interest me to all get out. Two I mean once you see them you’ll get it.  Number 11 isn’t part of group which is a first on this list and I have been waiting to add him until I had a 12th also. Now I do. Number 12 is part of a group called cnblue. These men are both different in so many ways. You can tell by looking at the pictures. Number 12 reminds me of my number 1. He also caught my attention at first look at a picture. I was on twitter tonight actually and saw cnblue twitter page thought oh I heard of them let’s check them out. Well I did and was like woah whose that with the long hair. That how it happened then a researched a bit and thought hmm very cute. My number 11 is 6 year my senior like a few of my other tops. What sets him apart is what little information there is to statisfy someone whom loves to learn what they can about almost anything people included. Its weird to say that, but I am a very curious person about anything that stricks my interest. Number 11 was also a look at first sight and go whose that, let’s find out type of thing.  I know he likes taking pictures of himself and friends. Twitter is a good place to observe. Back to number 12 whom is 2 years my junior. There isn’t really much to say but their names right? Ok number 11 is the all famous Eru, and number 12 is the incrediably cute Lee Jung Shin. They both have something in common though their ability to be cute and sexy at the same time. Enjoy pictures!


Top 5 Korean bands

December 17, 2011

So i am going to post five posts about my all time favorite Korean Bands. I can’t say the outcome other then it wont  only be guy bands. So for today is my top band. by reading my posts about my top 10 Korean men you would think you would know my number one band but really you would be mistaken. After much thinking on which would be the top one and yes it was agonizing. Maybe i should just spit it out but i do love to ramble on and on about nothing just to make this longer. hahaha :} cool smiley right? Thanks i think so too.

Anyway back to my topic my Number one has 7 members. They are all good looking. Two of them were born here in the united states. Oops i just said what country i lived in. Darn oh well. I mean who couldn’t have guessed where i live. I kind of scream AMERICAN. Don’t you think. I wish i could do a sweet smiley face. So just imagine something sitting there with an oh so innocent smile with her hands at her chin.  Yes i do try to be cute which usually turns out very badly until i do something i don’t want to do then people say oh you are cute. Uh thanks. grrr.  Oh Well i ranted again.

Anyway yet again describing my top band. They are known for their fun Party like music. I love them because anytime i want to dance i turn them on and i can’t stop. Well i do when someone catches me except for in the car i keep dancing.

Here they are their new song

Yes it is U-kiss. why because i love them i don’t know why else they are just my top band. Had you fooled didn’t I. My number two will be tomorrow.

Kevin, eli, and jamosa.

Then the song i most identify with and love to peaces.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you guys keep reading this. Later. 😛

P.s. Still researching stuff that which i can not find but i will find one day.

Cordon bleu with a twist.

December 15, 2011

Here is a recipe from one of my friends from my healthier lifestyle group. Take a cordon bleu cook it like it suppose to. Put salad in a bowl then cut the cordon bleu then combine. Make sure you get all the sauce in the salad bowl. It is so freaking good. I get the broccoli and cheese kind. You don’t need dressing its a great filling meal. Something you really don’t have to feel bad about eating. Yay.  I don’t really have much else to post which is sad. No k pop update today other then slowly gathering information on the unsearchable it seems.  Pictues of the cordon bleus


Getting excited

December 13, 2011

Soon I will get to watch ninja assassin. Eeeeee I’m freaking excited and can’t wait. I also had a great lunch a chicken wrap. 4oz of chicken, a tortilla, then 4 yellow grape tomatoes, and then 2tbs of hummus dip. It was so good and only 245 calories. I love hummus! Picture time. The last picture is my weird looking swiper the fox I thought id add him to the mix. 🙂



December 12, 2011

I had my favorite place for lunch today thanks to my grandparents yummy of course it doesn’t. Help with having lower sodium diet but it did help my protien yay. This lifestyle changes to be healthier is harder then you think but worth it.  Anyway my best friend got nija assissin yay I can’t wait for one reason. My pictures kfc food and lee joon.



December 11, 2011

So as you can see from the title this is about coffee. Why you ask. Well because it seems to be a obsession with everyone from celebrities to the normal everyday person. Though celebrities are normal everday people, so I should probably say nonfamous people. I got this idea off my twitter. Yes that’s right my twitter. There are so many different brands of coffee, but mine is starbucks if I don’t make it from home. From home its instant espresso. I have a thing where I hate to cook or run coffee on a coffee machine call me lazy but of course in that aspect I am. I will take the easy way out when it comes to this if possible. I probably should note if you want to know my personality then search these things: Libra, O type blood, year of the snake, and air signs. That will definitely show you the basis of my personality. Although I may be a scale I am nothing but balanced.  Anyway my favorite coffee from starbucks is a pumpkin spice lattee. Ill also post a picture of whom gave me this idea not a lot of people will know him but he is no other then Eru.  I know its not much but enjoy the pictures and let me know about your favorite coffees.  The last picture is of me in 2007. Thanks for reading.



December 8, 2011

This is going to be a whole bunch of a lot of things. Lol yesterday I spent the day at my grandparents house it was nice and they fed me. Today I woke up with yet another cold and headache. This is really getting old yesterday I felt amazing and even did day 31 of my 90 days of the 30day shred. Now I’m hiccuping which is always fun with a cold and a headache. Also me and my daughter mad orninments today and painted them. It was fun until a fit started which was expected yet not at the same time.
I heard the new christmas song from mblaq and saw the video which I loved both. Then the mv from ukiss japanese single tick tack had me going wow because they all looked so well hott for a lack of better words. It was in my mind an amazing mv. Kevins parts are my favorite, but I still can’t get over how good kisoep looks with that hairstyle.  
What else to say hmm the pictures are the orinments(I think I spelt it right) mine are the first and my daughters is the second. That is all for the day not very interesting but eh.



December 6, 2011

I was on my twitter the other day, and I came across article from all K-Pop with that name. It was about him posting a picture of himself and saying to you. What got me was when it said he was recently released from his 2 year army service. Knowing that I was still wonder who is this guy? Why does this picture matter? Well the second question was answered very quickly he is a K- Pop celebrity. So there is thousands of those right? Whats so special about this one? I don’t know why one look at his picture and i wanted to research him when i found he is damn near hard to find also. I prize myself on being able to find information very well but he has next to nothing which did in fact annoy me. It also pushed me to look deeper search differently, but still i really only found out a few thing. One is he was born here in America where he lived for seven years is what i read anyway. Andrew Cho is his American name. His father is famous in Korea also. His blood type is AB. Which is a good thing in my opinion. Me being a O and saying that may seem weird to those whom have read the blood type correlation to your personality. Its funny to say but anything i have watched with a person whom is blood type AB has interested me along with O. I do have some of my top ten whom are A’s and B’s. But my number one is an AB and my number two is an O. I find it interesting he was born right in between Teukie and Heechul.  As you can tell this subject intrigues me a bit probably because its harder then heck to find anything on him.

Here is a picture of him

His music that he writes himself and performs himself.

One of his first videos if im not mistaken.
Well saying how i said it was hard to find stuff on him well i now fully take that back it looks like all of what Youtube was holding back from me now has exploaded still crazy the difference 2 years can make on a guy.  I don’t fully believe they are the same person. Here is a video of his newest song that i know of anyway.

This video makes me cry every time. I will do more research because i want to, and because there is something about him that is asking to be discovered. At least that’s what i think. I do think an interest i have with him is me being an inspiring lyricist. Not a very good one but one at that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this i hope i didn’t offend anyone or get anything wrong.