Numbers 7 and 8. Of my top ten of kpop.

December 2, 2011

Well I woke up to freaking snow so today is not a good day other then talking about my numbers seven and eight of my top ten.  Number seven is…….. Kim jungmo also known as X-Mas from trax. The reason why I picked him is because of his guitar skills. For me that is very very sexy. Also when you see him perform it captivates you. I can’t ever look away.  My number eight is……….. teukie or leeteuk from superjunior.  I picked him because my best friend showed me a picture of super junior and he was one of the two I picked out. I also picked out monkey or eunhyuk the same way.  Then I watched him more and his personality seems to be a fun one to be around.
I have now put all the super junior ones up. So now by age I am only older then 2 of them the rest are older then me thus far. There will only be one more whom is younger then me. But so people can gage my age heechul and teukie are about 6 years older then me then the rest aren’t that much older then I am.  Anyway enjoy these pictures of my numbers 7 and 8.


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