Just whatever

December 5, 2011

Well I took yesterday off because I wasn’t feeling very well. I’m still not but its not as horribly bad as yesterday. I can barely breath and my throat hurts but I’m not as worn out. Anyway what to talk about hmm. Well I recently found a new artist well new to me since he’s been in miltary and I haven’t been watching k pop very long I think august is the month my best friend introduced me. I really like to research as you could tell since I do know a good amount of information.  Anyway here is a picture of my obsession on Fruits basket and pocky.  Fruits basket is an obsession because it so freaking awesome I found the manga in about 2006ish and have loved it ever since.  I want kyo and thoru to end up togather. I haven’t been following the mangas because I have no money to buy them boo. I also need to get my own computer so I can read some more. Ahh and pocky is self explaintory I mean who doesn’t love biscuits with chocolate or strawberry as they have here. Yummy mouth water for sure too bad I don’t have any. Anyway I hoped you liked reading this I will elaborate on the new singer songwritter once I find out more which is seeming to be very difficult but I will find out something.



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