December 6, 2011

I was on my twitter the other day, and I came across article from all K-Pop with that name. It was about him posting a picture of himself and saying to you. What got me was when it said he was recently released from his 2 year army service. Knowing that I was still wonder who is this guy? Why does this picture matter? Well the second question was answered very quickly he is a K- Pop celebrity. So there is thousands of those right? Whats so special about this one? I don’t know why one look at his picture and i wanted to research him when i found he is damn near hard to find also. I prize myself on being able to find information very well but he has next to nothing which did in fact annoy me. It also pushed me to look deeper search differently, but still i really only found out a few thing. One is he was born here in America where he lived for seven years is what i read anyway. Andrew Cho is his American name. His father is famous in Korea also. His blood type is AB. Which is a good thing in my opinion. Me being a O and saying that may seem weird to those whom have read the blood type correlation to your personality. Its funny to say but anything i have watched with a person whom is blood type AB has interested me along with O. I do have some of my top ten whom are A’s and B’s. But my number one is an AB and my number two is an O. I find it interesting he was born right in between Teukie and Heechul.  As you can tell this subject intrigues me a bit probably because its harder then heck to find anything on him.

Here is a picture of him

His music that he writes himself and performs himself.

One of his first videos if im not mistaken.
Well saying how i said it was hard to find stuff on him well i now fully take that back it looks like all of what Youtube was holding back from me now has exploaded still crazy the difference 2 years can make on a guy.  I don’t fully believe they are the same person. Here is a video of his newest song that i know of anyway.

This video makes me cry every time. I will do more research because i want to, and because there is something about him that is asking to be discovered. At least that’s what i think. I do think an interest i have with him is me being an inspiring lyricist. Not a very good one but one at that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this i hope i didn’t offend anyone or get anything wrong.

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