December 11, 2011

So as you can see from the title this is about coffee. Why you ask. Well because it seems to be a obsession with everyone from celebrities to the normal everyday person. Though celebrities are normal everday people, so I should probably say nonfamous people. I got this idea off my twitter. Yes that’s right my twitter. There are so many different brands of coffee, but mine is starbucks if I don’t make it from home. From home its instant espresso. I have a thing where I hate to cook or run coffee on a coffee machine call me lazy but of course in that aspect I am. I will take the easy way out when it comes to this if possible. I probably should note if you want to know my personality then search these things: Libra, O type blood, year of the snake, and air signs. That will definitely show you the basis of my personality. Although I may be a scale I am nothing but balanced.  Anyway my favorite coffee from starbucks is a pumpkin spice lattee. Ill also post a picture of whom gave me this idea not a lot of people will know him but he is no other then Eru.  I know its not much but enjoy the pictures and let me know about your favorite coffees.  The last picture is of me in 2007. Thanks for reading.


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