Top 5 Korean bands

December 17, 2011

So i am going to post five posts about my all time favorite Korean Bands. I can’t say the outcome other then it wont  only be guy bands. So for today is my top band. by reading my posts about my top 10 Korean men you would think you would know my number one band but really you would be mistaken. After much thinking on which would be the top one and yes it was agonizing. Maybe i should just spit it out but i do love to ramble on and on about nothing just to make this longer. hahaha :} cool smiley right? Thanks i think so too.

Anyway back to my topic my Number one has 7 members. They are all good looking. Two of them were born here in the united states. Oops i just said what country i lived in. Darn oh well. I mean who couldn’t have guessed where i live. I kind of scream AMERICAN. Don’t you think. I wish i could do a sweet smiley face. So just imagine something sitting there with an oh so innocent smile with her hands at her chin.  Yes i do try to be cute which usually turns out very badly until i do something i don’t want to do then people say oh you are cute. Uh thanks. grrr.  Oh Well i ranted again.

Anyway yet again describing my top band. They are known for their fun Party like music. I love them because anytime i want to dance i turn them on and i can’t stop. Well i do when someone catches me except for in the car i keep dancing.

Here they are their new song

Yes it is U-kiss. why because i love them i don’t know why else they are just my top band. Had you fooled didn’t I. My number two will be tomorrow.

Kevin, eli, and jamosa.

Then the song i most identify with and love to peaces.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you guys keep reading this. Later. 😛

P.s. Still researching stuff that which i can not find but i will find one day.

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