Added an 11 and 12th to my top 10 list.

December 19, 2011

You thought I was done didn’t you? Well here is two more I have decided to add for varies reason. One being they interest me to all get out. Two I mean once you see them you’ll get it.  Number 11 isn’t part of group which is a first on this list and I have been waiting to add him until I had a 12th also. Now I do. Number 12 is part of a group called cnblue. These men are both different in so many ways. You can tell by looking at the pictures. Number 12 reminds me of my number 1. He also caught my attention at first look at a picture. I was on twitter tonight actually and saw cnblue twitter page thought oh I heard of them let’s check them out. Well I did and was like woah whose that with the long hair. That how it happened then a researched a bit and thought hmm very cute. My number 11 is 6 year my senior like a few of my other tops. What sets him apart is what little information there is to statisfy someone whom loves to learn what they can about almost anything people included. Its weird to say that, but I am a very curious person about anything that stricks my interest. Number 11 was also a look at first sight and go whose that, let’s find out type of thing.  I know he likes taking pictures of himself and friends. Twitter is a good place to observe. Back to number 12 whom is 2 years my junior. There isn’t really much to say but their names right? Ok number 11 is the all famous Eru, and number 12 is the incrediably cute Lee Jung Shin. They both have something in common though their ability to be cute and sexy at the same time. Enjoy pictures!


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