Number 2 on the top 5

December 31, 2011

This is band number two. I picked them as number two because they are amazing and it helps that four of my now top 12 is in this band. Everyone loves this band. Heck they have some of the craziest fans i have seen other then DBSK anyway.  I will not talk about how crazy they are because i really don’t feel like some of them reading this and getting offended anyway. I really don’t have much to say about this band other then they are great at what they do alone and together.

A few of my favorites.

I love this one.


Other then their music this is another reason i love them. enjoy these video very much.

The video above has the song closer by nine inch nails and can be too hot to handle. LMAO.

This one is about the same as above different people and more abs. lol

Can’t forgot my number one when talking about super junior. 🙂
Im probably just as vain as he.

Teukies smile. 🙂  A reason why he is on my top 10.


Thats it for now.  Now you know my ranking for them where most of my top ten is from.

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