January 2, 2012

So this is going to be just a random post.  I want to say a late happy new year to everyone. I’m also sure you know sungmin of suju celebrated his birthday on new years day with a cake to the face. I was floored yet laughing a lot when I saw the picture show up on my twitter feed. Here it is for those whom haven’t seen it.


I also learned that jaejoong aka hero maybe a little weirder then I thought which intrigues me. Though he intrigues me he probably won’t be added to my tops anytime soon, because I fear my sister too much. Lol kind of joking.


Yes he is battling whatever those things are. Lol as I have said though weirdness is something I find intriguing I will say because I don’t want to irritate someone. *cough* 

What to talk about now hmmm. Other then freezing today it should be a good day. I may go learn to shoot a gun. Hmmm. Anyway last picture is of my eye but it looks drawn so awesome. Lol


I almost forgot this one. Lol


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