January 7, 2012

I’m just posting just cause really. I don’t have much to post about other then beast freaking rocks. Lol here’s the latest target of my shotting practice. Yes it was all me. I didn’t know I was this good with a gun.


I also found funny and awing pictures that I’m going to post first one is known as hero or jaejoong. This type of picture always makes me laugh.


A super junior picture I saw today. I can’t read korean but it made me laugh.


Then the new for mblaq concept picture. I can’t wait!


I think that’s it for now other then I’m going to take a carry and conceal class tomorrow so if I want to I can carry a gun with me. Not saying I will but its if I want to and I also can buy one if I want to. Althought it will be a revolver if I do. Lol. Thanks for looking at the pictures and toon in next time. Lol 🙂

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