Fan girling.

January 11, 2012

Yep I’m gonna be fangirling with kim heechul or as I like to call him hee. Others say chulie but eh. Anyway here is my extent of fangirling.  Only man I will do this for I think. Lol


He retweeted this.


Like this one.


His beautiful cat. Heebum.


A picture he posted today.
To me he looks so tired and gaunt well that’s not really the word, but he seems unhappy I guess. He’s still sexy as heck but something seems off I guess.  Anyway good news the other photos I have gotten lately super junior and eru.



Laughed so hard at this.


Eru and brian. Sexy and cute. Lol


Yesung and his brother


That’s it enjoy. 🙂

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