My day 1 journey of the guitar..

May 6, 2012

So I already know how to play the guitar a bit I have always remembered the c chord. Lol anyway my fingers kill but its a good kill. Lol my guitar


Me doing the c chord


And what I am using to learn


Yes a youtube video by UKGuitarGirl. So far I put in last night half an hour and today 20 minutes.  I plan on making a video sometime soon to show case what I have learned though.
Again thanks for reading and subscribing please continue to do so.

One Response to “My day 1 journey of the guitar..”

  1. Frederik said

    Awesome! The journey of discovery in experience and expression is a really beautiful thing. It makes me happy to know that so many people are indulging their creativity and finding an outlet. We all have at least one way of expressing ourselves, to communicate our appreciation of existence and all that is beautiful… Even using that expression to highlight what might be wrong…

    There’s a huge ramble waiting to get out, but I’ll end that there…

    I suppose here is some motivation to keep on jamming!

    Push past the pain and you will discover tremendous amounts of pleasure in the process… Someone told me it’s to do with all the endorphins that are released while playing… Trust me when I say it is highly likely that you shall become addicted to the subtle and passionate sting of tormented fingertips…

    Peace and Harmony

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