What have i been up to?

August 20, 2012

Well i have been working my butt off with barely any sleep. Which makes for a fun time. lol More importantly I have been doing my art. I have two completed projects one failed attempt and one inprogress project.
Now is picture time to show off my hard work.

This is an idea i have for a tattoo. I love the lyrics. ^

The start of one of my projects. Its finished but i wanted to show the steps.

More work done.

And it’s finished.

My failure at realism.

My Andy Warhol inspired perment marker piece that will never happen again. Perment markers stink. 

The start of a love for realism

Progress after an hour day one.

How day one ended. I hate drawing hands and may cut out the hand. The background is going to be sweet. This picture has made me realize i am not that bad at realism. 🙂

That’s what i have been up to other then writing and rewriting lyrics and trying to figure out how to make it into a song also. One day i will post one of my own songs hopefully one day soon. In other news today is the start of my last semester on my way to getting my Assoicates degree. Yay there is an end in sight. 🙂

Thank you all for reading and i hoped you enjoyed. It might be awhile until another update between soon and work but i will try my best not to this long again.


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