So its been a great while since I have been on here to update. My life has been hectic, but that is the life of a mom and college student. I have lost track of my korean pop, but it shall only be for a bit. Anyway I have decided to become a distributer for an company that’s product has helped me by giving me energy and helping me with the vitamins they put in the supplement. Spark is the energy that gives me natural energy no crashes no let downs and it fuels your body. I love it. Anyway this is a quick post so here is my link it also helped me ,before I ran out for a good while anyway, lose 13 inches off my entire body.  I do this not because I think I can sell but because I believe in the products and for my health. If I make money yay if I don’t eh. 
Now for what I have seen in kpop shinees new concept. MINHO LOST HIS MUSCLES. 😦 the only two I feel complete this concept very well is onew and key. minho is my favorite but he just looks honestly not himself. Shinee is one where their clothes are awesome they have muscles and you can tell in clothes but this concept makes them all look like they have nothing even jong is like umm wow ok.
Thanks for reading even if you agree or not.