Short but sweet

March 21, 2012

This is how I feel lately anyway when VIU from beast plays in my cd playing. Yep that is spongbob. Though I love beast and all but forever my top 2 band will be super junior and u kiss not in that exact order. Anyway thanks and see you next time I decide to post.



I wanna be a mangaka!!!!!!!

January 23, 2012

I’m going to put a lot of kpop stuff in here all cute stuff and probably stuff you have read before, but I want to post it! Lol Anyway I will also post a couple pictures of my manga eyes. I do wish I had the talent to do one other then the eyes but atlas I’m not that good. Here they are all two of them. 🙂


Fiction notes. Neither eyes are related to the other just draw during classes and that’s what happened.  The second picture.


You can see our fist assignment draw a town in which you will base your story for fiction class. I’m excited I love writing stories just never finish them so now I can learn how. Eeek.
Now on to my kpop stuff. First baby yesung


Makes you think aww doesn’t it?
Now hee and teukie.


Then some more of yesung. One being with monkey. 🙂



Now for yummy food that I don’t know what it is but I want. I really need to learn to read korean. Ahh.


Cursty of hee whom did moments ago make me miss my old cat tae tae. I had to get rid of him because he had become jealous of my daughter Mizy moo. Yes I used her nickname. Lol
Now on to siwon whom I like to call simon. Yes its easier for me to say that way though I do get his name right every so often. He posted this very cool picture. I am an art enthustist being an art geek in high school helped that.


Anyway I found myself being entrained by siwon today via twitter. Perfect thing to forget about a headache laugh at crazy people not that he was crazy, but some comments were.  They all wonder why he was being extra flirty on her twitter. If he had found one on there that he liked. Lol I just think he was bored and wanted to act all flirty. Everyone does it for no reason ok I should say I have done it with my girlfriends. Mostly starts with comments about beasts songs. Lmao when I put lol or lmao I am actually do that. Today anyway. 
There are more pictures I have complied cnblues and my number 12 is the next picture.


Lee jung shin. I love his hair. 🙂


The last and cutest way to promote an album so here I am sharing with people everyone check out reborn part 1 by brain joo. I promise you will thank me.

I hope. Lol comic relief. Anyway that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. I know I am random and everywhere, but hey atleast I’m not creepy. Btw don’t ask my friends they will say watching yaois and reading them has made me a bit weird. I don’t thinks so though. Later.


January 7, 2012

I’m just posting just cause really. I don’t have much to post about other then beast freaking rocks. Lol here’s the latest target of my shotting practice. Yes it was all me. I didn’t know I was this good with a gun.


I also found funny and awing pictures that I’m going to post first one is known as hero or jaejoong. This type of picture always makes me laugh.


A super junior picture I saw today. I can’t read korean but it made me laugh.


Then the new for mblaq concept picture. I can’t wait!


I think that’s it for now other then I’m going to take a carry and conceal class tomorrow so if I want to I can carry a gun with me. Not saying I will but its if I want to and I also can buy one if I want to. Althought it will be a revolver if I do. Lol. Thanks for looking at the pictures and toon in next time. Lol 🙂

Bad bad bad me. Lol

December 27, 2011

I know I haven’t been posting like I should and I am sorry I just got really busy then really tired. Ending most days with a headache or too worn out to do anything else. Enough complaing what got me through the days and made me feel better arethese pictures I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Although I can now name four out of six beast member yay me. Lol





Nice pictures right? Anyway I will post better hopefully Thursday. I hope I have time anyway if not then after the new year I will be on the ball again. 🙂

Starting again.

November 16, 2011

I know i have been bad about getting on here, but i will change that and get an app on my phone so i can update whenever i want. I am  going to share my experiences about learning new languages. I will also vent my frustrations about college and how difficult it is. I will also share about anything about my daughter. I will also update my art works ect.

For now i will talk about some of the words i know in Korean well ok the one word i know for sure. That is Saranghae its the informal way of saying i love you. Another word i know but i don’t know the meaning is Kogima anyone know the meaning? Please let me know.

My favorite K pop bands right now are:
Suju(Super Junior)






Wonder girls as of a few weeks ago.







And the last two are

Woman Power

and Double A

both new groups.