December 8, 2011

This is going to be a whole bunch of a lot of things. Lol yesterday I spent the day at my grandparents house it was nice and they fed me. Today I woke up with yet another cold and headache. This is really getting old yesterday I felt amazing and even did day 31 of my 90 days of the 30day shred. Now I’m hiccuping which is always fun with a cold and a headache. Also me and my daughter mad orninments today and painted them. It was fun until a fit started which was expected yet not at the same time.
I heard the new christmas song from mblaq and saw the video which I loved both. Then the mv from ukiss japanese single tick tack had me going wow because they all looked so well hott for a lack of better words. It was in my mind an amazing mv. Kevins parts are my favorite, but I still can’t get over how good kisoep looks with that hairstyle.  
What else to say hmm the pictures are the orinments(I think I spelt it right) mine are the first and my daughters is the second. That is all for the day not very interesting but eh.