Busy as heck

March 12, 2011

I have been what my title says busy as heck. I have been working at Walmart, going to college, and being a mother of a now two year old. Lets just say life gets away from me sometimes.

I went to the movie todaywith my friend and she paid because she wanted me to have some me time. lol anyway we saw Beastly and honestly i liked. I think the rating is wrong and it was amazing to capture the raw of everything plus all the irony. There hasnt been many movies that make you think, but that is one of them. I would make one change to the end i would have kept him looking as he had changed to because he didnt really make the deadline. Like beauty and the beast it was close enough to count i guess. I thought though him as the beast was actually amazing and he looked better then his beautiful self.

Well that section was longer then what i was going to say but i just started rambling. I also learned a lot about my other co workers that was surprising like how i could almost guess one of their ages on the dot, but was off a little and i felt like it was an insult without it actually being one. I need to start working on my speech also. I did end up having to drop my math class which sucks but next term will hopefully be better. I also think i am getting a cold and i have to work two more days and only have 6 dollars to my name until thursday ahhhhhhh this sucks. Hopefully my life will get better.

On the relationship front well its not going too well, but he seems to think no matter what i say its going great. I guess i am just “making up” problems that aren’t there. Im just not happy i guess hopefully it will get better. I love him, but i guess it isnt enough but maybe it can be if a few things we do changes but i am doubting that.