To conclude my top ten I am now going to post numbers 9 and 10. This is a bit bittersweet because now I don’t know what to post about. I shall figure it out. Well to finish this I shall say last but definatly not least two people. Number nine is………………………. Max changmin from TVXQ.  I picked him when my best friend showed me the mirotic video from when dbsk was all togather. He was the only one from that group that stood out for me. It seems all but three men on these lists have been picked the same way. Those three was Heechul, Yesung, and Kim Jung Mo. Now for number ten whom is another one younger then me. Number ten is……………………………………………………… Minho from shinee.  Note for anyone whom hates my ordering I had the hardest time puting them in order and I would have loved to have them all in the top 5 but since there was 10 guys it had to be a top ten.  What made me pick Minho was the same as Max. To me one is a younger version of the other.  Well this concludes my top ten.  Now what to post about next maybe my obsession of fruits basket and pockey. Hmm that sounds yummy.



Korean Pop

November 25, 2011

Today is dedicated to all my K-Pop favorite videos. So have fun watching.
The top of  the list has to be this video.

My favorite song ever. I am getting pretty good at singing this song.

I just love this video. Funny thing in high school i sang this song so i know every word of it. I sing along.

I love this song a bunch from shinee. Fun fact i found out i am older then all of them,  but not much older then Onew only like 2 months or something like that.

All i have to say is Yummy.

I love how they took us into the studio.

U-Kiss always makes me want to dance. Well a lot of a K-pop bands do, but hey im a sucker for K-pop its my heaven.

This song i can never listen to in the car unless i want to crash.  Even sitting down right now is torture trying not to dance. This is why i love 2pm!

I have concluded after this that i am probably an Elf and a Kiss me. Eh its fine they are great bands. My favorites from Super Junior is Monkey(Eunhyuk), Teukie(LeeTeuk), and Of course Heechul. I may add another because of his weirdness and apparently i like weirdness, but until i decide fully i will stick with these three. For U-Kiss my top favorite is Eli. I don’t know why just is. Close second is Kevin because of his beautiful voice. Of course the whole band is very good looking even when Alexander and Ki Bum was there still a great good looking band.  I have ran out of time until next time enjoy and keep reading!

Starting again.

November 16, 2011

I know i have been bad about getting on here, but i will change that and get an app on my phone so i can update whenever i want. I am  going to share my experiences about learning new languages. I will also vent my frustrations about college and how difficult it is. I will also share about anything about my daughter. I will also update my art works ect.

For now i will talk about some of the words i know in Korean well ok the one word i know for sure. That is Saranghae its the informal way of saying i love you. Another word i know but i don’t know the meaning is Kogima anyone know the meaning? Please let me know.

My favorite K pop bands right now are:
Suju(Super Junior)






Wonder girls as of a few weeks ago.







And the last two are

Woman Power

and Double A

both new groups.