May 7, 2012

Wow so without avoiding homework times are so boring. 3 classes and then i am done with my AA Yay! Then what to do oh ya that’s right find a full time job so i can get dental insurance.

Why, you ask? Well Thats because under your parents insurance you are only covered until your 22 for dental that is. So why are you covered for health insurance until 26! WTF?!?!?! This system is F’ed up yep that right!
Anyway back to the college thing it has taken me 4 years to get done with my associates degree that basically means nothing, because i don’t know what i really want to do. Well other then write lyrics, learn to play the guitar and Ukelele, and sing better then to put it all together with a bit of comedy. It’s going to be a journey, but what life isn’t a journey. A never ending crazy journey that you can never seem to get off of. Well anyway rants aside lets got to my happy place. My happy place although includes Asian men and the ones in question right now would be U-KISS! Yes i am going to watch there new single again. Got a problem with that? No I didn’t think so.(Side note if you couldn’t tell im a bit hyper lately.)

Hyperness is because i am losing weight(11lbs so far) and finally accepting myself for who i am! I am as some people would call me strange and proceed to tell me they would be embarrassed to be out in public with me. Well  at least im not boring and I do what i say i am going to do! No Matter what!

Happy place! Join in on the amazingness of these men. 🙂



Let me know how you think i did. Advice is welcomed. This wore me out probably because i forgot to wear my glasses. anyway watch critique and give me ideas on what you want my next video to be. It can be a video diary if you want on subject or whatever. I will take it into consideration.


Thank you to those who are following me and reading this. I appreciate every read and like i get.


April 1, 2012

These are the pictures I have collect.
Also april fools day a lot of pictures of sulli was posted by heechul. Hmm everyone wanting it to be something, but I am doubting it. We shall see though.  Now pictures


Eru and his shoes.


Mir 🙂


Brotherly love.


Oooh camera.


Kiseop. Haven’t posted one of him yet. I think even though he is “shy” he has an ego like none other.






Finally eunhyuk.
If you haven’t done so go buy the brain joo album reborn pat 1. I am in heaven for finally having it.
Tis all come back for another random post later. Kpop =

Top 5 Korean bands

December 17, 2011

So i am going to post five posts about my all time favorite Korean Bands. I can’t say the outcome other then it wont  only be guy bands. So for today is my top band. by reading my posts about my top 10 Korean men you would think you would know my number one band but really you would be mistaken. After much thinking on which would be the top one and yes it was agonizing. Maybe i should just spit it out but i do love to ramble on and on about nothing just to make this longer. hahaha :} cool smiley right? Thanks i think so too.

Anyway back to my topic my Number one has 7 members. They are all good looking. Two of them were born here in the united states. Oops i just said what country i lived in. Darn oh well. I mean who couldn’t have guessed where i live. I kind of scream AMERICAN. Don’t you think. I wish i could do a sweet smiley face. So just imagine something sitting there with an oh so innocent smile with her hands at her chin.  Yes i do try to be cute which usually turns out very badly until i do something i don’t want to do then people say oh you are cute. Uh thanks. grrr.  Oh Well i ranted again.

Anyway yet again describing my top band. They are known for their fun Party like music. I love them because anytime i want to dance i turn them on and i can’t stop. Well i do when someone catches me except for in the car i keep dancing.

Here they are their new song

Yes it is U-kiss. why because i love them i don’t know why else they are just my top band. Had you fooled didn’t I. My number two will be tomorrow.

Kevin, eli, and jamosa.

Then the song i most identify with and love to peaces.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you guys keep reading this. Later. 😛

P.s. Still researching stuff that which i can not find but i will find one day.


December 8, 2011

This is going to be a whole bunch of a lot of things. Lol yesterday I spent the day at my grandparents house it was nice and they fed me. Today I woke up with yet another cold and headache. This is really getting old yesterday I felt amazing and even did day 31 of my 90 days of the 30day shred. Now I’m hiccuping which is always fun with a cold and a headache. Also me and my daughter mad orninments today and painted them. It was fun until a fit started which was expected yet not at the same time.
I heard the new christmas song from mblaq and saw the video which I loved both. Then the mv from ukiss japanese single tick tack had me going wow because they all looked so well hott for a lack of better words. It was in my mind an amazing mv. Kevins parts are my favorite, but I still can’t get over how good kisoep looks with that hairstyle.  
What else to say hmm the pictures are the orinments(I think I spelt it right) mine are the first and my daughters is the second. That is all for the day not very interesting but eh.




My top two always stay the same. The only reason I am going to do two is because my phone won’t allow more then 2 pictures to be uploaded.  Number one is always Heechul from Super Junior. My best friend says its because he’s a lot like myself.  My number two is always Eli from U-Kiss. They both are different but something attracted me to them. When I pick my favorites its usually right from the pictures but in heechuls case it was when I saw him perform. Eli i saw him and became my favorite and even more so as I watched him perform. I am younger then Heechul yet older then Eli. My theme seems to pick out there people and usually they rap.

Korean Pop

November 25, 2011

Today is dedicated to all my K-Pop favorite videos. So have fun watching.
The top of  the list has to be this video.

My favorite song ever. I am getting pretty good at singing this song.

I just love this video. Funny thing in high school i sang this song so i know every word of it. I sing along.

I love this song a bunch from shinee. Fun fact i found out i am older then all of them,  but not much older then Onew only like 2 months or something like that.

All i have to say is Yummy.

I love how they took us into the studio.

U-Kiss always makes me want to dance. Well a lot of a K-pop bands do, but hey im a sucker for K-pop its my heaven.

This song i can never listen to in the car unless i want to crash.  Even sitting down right now is torture trying not to dance. This is why i love 2pm!

I have concluded after this that i am probably an Elf and a Kiss me. Eh its fine they are great bands. My favorites from Super Junior is Monkey(Eunhyuk), Teukie(LeeTeuk), and Of course Heechul. I may add another because of his weirdness and apparently i like weirdness, but until i decide fully i will stick with these three. For U-Kiss my top favorite is Eli. I don’t know why just is. Close second is Kevin because of his beautiful voice. Of course the whole band is very good looking even when Alexander and Ki Bum was there still a great good looking band.  I have ran out of time until next time enjoy and keep reading!

Starting again.

November 16, 2011

I know i have been bad about getting on here, but i will change that and get an app on my phone so i can update whenever i want. I am  going to share my experiences about learning new languages. I will also vent my frustrations about college and how difficult it is. I will also share about anything about my daughter. I will also update my art works ect.

For now i will talk about some of the words i know in Korean well ok the one word i know for sure. That is Saranghae its the informal way of saying i love you. Another word i know but i don’t know the meaning is Kogima anyone know the meaning? Please let me know.

My favorite K pop bands right now are:
Suju(Super Junior)






Wonder girls as of a few weeks ago.







And the last two are

Woman Power

and Double A

both new groups.