This one is a one minute contest entry basically saying what kingdom mentality means to me. It is to win shoes, an ep, a ukelele, and a skateboard. All from Victor Kim who is honestly an inspirational guy. Reason why i entered was yes, because i wanted to win that stuff; but i also wanted to inspire other people to live their dreams. Heck why i want the stuff the shoes are awesome, i won’t have to make an ep, i want to learn the ukelele, and i like the pretend i know how to skateboard. lol anyway my video! Hope you like it. Oh and the song is Imagine by John Lennon which in my mind fits this perfectly.

By the way anything in this video i have done it is all my works. Except for the song. lol

As always thanks for stopping by friends and new friends. 🙂


This is my first post when it comes to my guitar… It already shows one dislike, but hey it’s only been a week since i started again and basically from scratch.  Anyway no rhyme or reason for it other then because i wanted to!

So last night i sang while recording myself. Yep i really don’t think i sound good, but i know i can sound good and will sound good. lol anyway be nice and please don’t go wth are you thinking type of thing. Anyway have a nice day and listen please.

You know you want to know what i sound like.

Like always thanks again for reading and hope you come again.



May 7, 2012

Wow so without avoiding homework times are so boring. 3 classes and then i am done with my AA Yay! Then what to do oh ya that’s right find a full time job so i can get dental insurance.

Why, you ask? Well Thats because under your parents insurance you are only covered until your 22 for dental that is. So why are you covered for health insurance until 26! WTF?!?!?! This system is F’ed up yep that right!
Anyway back to the college thing it has taken me 4 years to get done with my associates degree that basically means nothing, because i don’t know what i really want to do. Well other then write lyrics, learn to play the guitar and Ukelele, and sing better then to put it all together with a bit of comedy. It’s going to be a journey, but what life isn’t a journey. A never ending crazy journey that you can never seem to get off of. Well anyway rants aside lets got to my happy place. My happy place although includes Asian men and the ones in question right now would be U-KISS! Yes i am going to watch there new single again. Got a problem with that? No I didn’t think so.(Side note if you couldn’t tell im a bit hyper lately.)

Hyperness is because i am losing weight(11lbs so far) and finally accepting myself for who i am! I am as some people would call me strange and proceed to tell me they would be embarrassed to be out in public with me. Well  at least im not boring and I do what i say i am going to do! No Matter what!

Happy place! Join in on the amazingness of these men. 🙂


So I already know how to play the guitar a bit I have always remembered the c chord. Lol anyway my fingers kill but its a good kill. Lol my guitar


Me doing the c chord


And what I am using to learn


Yes a youtube video by UKGuitarGirl. So far I put in last night half an hour and today 20 minutes.  I plan on making a video sometime soon to show case what I have learned though.
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So my twin and i decided to do a video of ourselves and none of this was acting just us being us.

Our video

Let me know how you think i did. Advice is welcomed. This wore me out probably because i forgot to wear my glasses. anyway watch critique and give me ideas on what you want my next video to be. It can be a video diary if you want on subject or whatever. I will take it into consideration.


Thank you to those who are following me and reading this. I appreciate every read and like i get.

Walking AND dancing while trying to record myself. Also anyone know any video editors let me know. Yes i am bit crazy or whatever you want to call it.


April 27, 2012

So the pictures I have collected yay.


Joonie 🙂




Love his hair short.







Because I done think I have posted ryewook yet. Too adorable.


Kim heechul the one I adore the most. 🙂

This intrigues me. If I spelt that wrong oh well.


But here are you k pop pictures if I didn’t post your favorites let me know and I will try to next time. Also remember check out my writtings at my writings. I got a good story with a bit of gaps going on right now. 🙂 laters

A freaking AMAZING band! I found them because of Brian Joo which btw buy his new album you wont regret it! Anyway the band that i am introducing is New heights. I love their music so much and whats even better is they are based where some of my family live. Lol I guess that could be seen as creepy but what i meant is that i could go see a show out there if i wanted. lol Image There is a picture of them and  I uploaded a video of their single with Brian Joo. 🙂 *insert stupid fan girl scream*