July 15, 2012

I have that many lifetime views Heck yes! ūüôā I’m glad people are reading my stuff even if they don’t like it they have viewed it. A little update i have put music to some lyrics using my guitar i just need to practice it more before uploading it to¬†YouTube. It will be hopefully up by next month. I also got a¬†full-time¬†job and will be done with my¬†associates¬†degree by¬†December¬†4th¬†i think. Yay! Although I don’t like his personality I do like Jay parks music. I usually hate this type of music, but he’s good at what he does. I did find out recently he wrote my favorite song of Brian Joo Can’t stop. ūüôā Anyway there will be more to come on here and on my YouTube account even if it one thing a month. lol¬†
I hoped you enjoyed reading and look forward for more stuff to come. Thanks for reading as always and a picture i took that i like. Me and My guitar. (don’t mind the no make up and break outs)